Buriel Webwerx is a small web development company
providing programming and design services for businesses
and individuals as well as provide markup services to designers.

Hugo Buriel

I'm the lead developer for Buriel Webwerx. We work with open source web technologies to avoid licensing issues for clients. All PHP work is developed using an Object-Oriented paradigm for creating awesome, modular, scalable, and easy-to-maintain functionality. I've developed user management and membership system, blogs, forums, and our very own content management system. MySQL is the defacto relational database that I work with to create database-driven, dynamic applications. Most front-end development is built using MooTools due to its powerful, Object-Oriented model. However, I can also provide scripts built using other Javascript libraries such as JQuery, Scriptaculous/Protoype, or Dojo Kit.

Security is one of my main interests. I am constantly scouring the Interwebs for information pertaining to the latest hack on a major corporation and the work that is being done to prevent such attacks.

All of my front-end markup is constructed using valid and well-formed XHTML 1.1, HTML5, and CSS2.1/CSS3.

You're welcome to connect with me professionally on LinkedIn. Feel free to write on my Facebook wall or catch my tweets on Twitter for information on web security, new technologies, and other information. Follow me for instant notification for when our blog articles on design and development are published.

Hugo Buriel ( (Co-Founder & Programmer @ Buriel Webwerx))

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Deborah Jordan

I take care of everything else which is not code. I do the web design, graphics, project management, SEO and the accounting around here. My background in the humanities fuels my insight into the human experience and what the web should do for not you, but your site visitors.

I have a natural artistic ability and I my self-taught skills are contiuously evolving. I am always on the lookout for new fonts and design trends and I love to Tweet about new discoveries.

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